Lost Property

Expanding Water Bottle

A Smiggle water bottle. Probably Gold squad, left Monday 11th November.

Hat and Goggles

Found outside the showers on Thursday 20th June 2019

Left in the last year.

Mostly at The Walnuts. The pullbuoy looks like it may say Sam someone.

Junior Win Pullbuoy

Left Mon 14th October


Left in the male showers at the Walnuts on July.

Flip flops

Found at the White Horse League


A pair of blue lensed Pool goggles.

Red Mad Wave Fins

These were left behind at the Walnuts on Monday


Maru Green, orange and blue pullbuoy. One says Boris on it.


On Monday 21st January the blue ones were left in the boy's showers and the pink in the girl's. Both goggles are Zoggs and probably from the younger squads.

More Pullbuoys

Not many green ones around so hopefully someone knows who they belong to.

Drinks Bottle

Found in the spectator gallery at The Walnuts on Monday 17th. It is with Steve who does the shop on Mondays.

Speedo Goggles

Left in the male showers on Thursday 19th April at The Walnuts

Red Nike Water Bottle

Left at the Walnuts on Monday 28th of October.


A red, white and blue Win float with the initials VH on the red side.


Left at The Walnuts on Thursday 28th February, probably by a Gold squad swimmer. The Speedo paddle look like the small size.

Speedo Futura BioFuse Goggles

Left at the deep end on the Walnuts on Monday 14th January

Hat and Paddles

Left at the Walnuts on Thursday 12th March.

Water bottle

A purple Sistema water bottle.

Hat & Goggles

Left behind at The Walnuts on Monday 16th March between 17:30 & 18:30

Blue padded jacket

Left behind at this years presentation evening. See Steve at the club shop to be reunited.

Black Coat

Left in the boys shower on Monday 5th November.


A black and yellow Finis pullbuoy

All left Mon 14th October

Various water bottles

All left Mon 10th July

The blue and green pullbuoy looks like it says Jo something.

Maru kickboard

Left at The Walnuts with the initials MP written on it.

Speedo Fins

Found at the deep end of The Walnuts on Monday 30th October. They possibly belong to a Gold squad swimmer.