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Greenwich & Bexley Hospice

Tue 12/Feb/2019

At our Sprints Gala held at the end of the Club Championships in December, we raffled a hamper for charity. Thank you to all who entered; your donations raised a wonderful £186.90. This years charity, Greenwich & Bexley Hospice, was chosen by our Club Captains and Ellie (Vice Captain) presented Jack with the money on behalf of the club.

Kents 2019 Weekend 4

Tue 12/Feb/2019

For the last weekend of this years individual races our swimmers again headed to Crystal Palace. The first event was the girls 100m Breaststroke. Charlotte Field started the proceedings and made the final coming 4th with a 6 second PB. Alice Leng also made the final and came 5th improving on her heat time. Samantha Jackson just missed our on a final position as did Abigal Leeves. The boys had the 200m Backstroke which was heat declared winner. Thomas Barret finished 6th, Samual Ryan got the Silver position, Max Peel was also 6th with Justin Strover 12th and his brother Ben 5th. The afternoon continued with boys backstroke but the distance was now 100m. Joshua Hill raced a 3 second PB and Thomas Barrett a 2 second PB. Sam Ryan swam a 1 second PB in the final and won the Gold. Justin Strover swam a long course PB and Billy Birchmore swam just off PB. Ben Langdown qualified 6th for the final and swam a PB to get 5th in the final. Max Peel qualified for the final and finished 6th, Ben Strover qualified 6th and finsihed 5th. The afternoon session for the girls was 200m Breaststroke. Charlotte Field won the Silver, Samantha Jackson swam a PB for 4th as did Alice Lang for 6th. On Sunday the girls started with 100m Butterfly. Ava Hickey swam a 4 sec pb and Charlotte Field was a moment behind her with a 2 second pb. Amie Gould, Blythe Jolley-Ellis, Samantha Jackson, and Lilli Cutajar also competed and swam well. The boys followed in the 200m Freestyle with Billy Birchmore just off pb, while Thomas Barrett, Callum Baronti, Nam Nguyen and Sam Ryan all swam pb's and Sam came 6th. There were also good swims but just off pb for Justin and Ben Strover. The last session was the 100m Freestyle for the boys and the 200m Butterfly for the girls. Callum Baronti swam a 2 second PB putting him into the 58 point group, Billy Birchmore was again just off pb, Louis Taylor, Thomas Barrett, Max Peel, Michael Phillips Ben Strover were on pb. Sam Ryan ipmroved his time and position from heat to final and won Bronze. For the girls 200 Butterfly Ava Hickey finsihed 4th with a PB. Amie Lawrence also swam a pb, and Lilli Cutajar and Jess Herbert were just off pb. Congratualtions to all our swimmers, not only for this weekend but all four weekends and for the training put in to achieve the results. (If you have any photos from the sessions you would like to share, please email

Kent 2019 photos

Meg Forbes

Fri 08/Feb/2019

It is with great sadness that we hear that our former Masters Squad swimmer Meg Forbes has passed away at the age of 28. Meg was an amazing athlete; among her many accomplishments was swimming the English Channel at the age 16 in a time of 14 hours and 27 minutes. Last year, 2018, she completed Ironman Wales at her second attempt, the Ride London 100 miles and on August 29th, Meg was in Dover to swim alongside Lewis Pugh in the last section of his Long Swim challenge, which was to swim from Land’s End to Dover. Towards the end of the year, she had joined the diving club at the London Aquatic Centre to learn another discipline. Away from sport, she also appeared on the TV Quiz show Eggheads and had recently been engaged. Her last tweet at the start of this year shows how she was always caring for and thinking of others. “With many of us returning to work today for the start of 2019 this is a helpful reminder to look after ourselves, and to recognise the symptoms of burnout in time to do something about it.” Her fiancé, Clive Meyers, has said on Facebook that there will be a celebration of her life at Barham Crematorium (Canterbury Road, Barham, Canterbury CT4 6QU) on Thursday 28th February at midday and then moving to Dover Marina Hotel (Waterloo Cres, Dover CT17 9BP). There is no dress code for those wishing to attend. On behalf of everyone at our club, we offer our sincere condolences to her fiancé, her family and her friends.

More Podiums in Kents Third Weekend

Tue 05/Feb/2019

The third weekend of the Kents was agina at Crystal Palace. The girls had freestyle and backstroke events and the boys were racing fly and breaststroke. The first session was the boys 100m Fly and the girls 200m Freestyle. For the boys we had Joshua Hill 12th, Sam Ryan, Callum Baronti and Billy Birchmore. Sam was seeded 2nd for the final and improved his heat time by over 2 seconds to take another Gold medal with a PB. Billy Birchmore also swam a PB earning him another Gold medal also. Callum Baronti also swam a PB in his final earning himseld the 4th place. The girls 200m Freestyle was heat declared winner and we had Charlotte Field 10th, Ava Hickey 13th, Sophia O'Neill 6th, Amie Lawrence 16th, Samantha Jackson 9th, Jess Herbert 11th and Matilda Barrett 14th. We had great swims also in the 100m free for Charlotte Field, Ava Hickey, Jess Herbert, Matilda Barrett and Blythe Holley-Ellis and Clio Bacon. Congratulations to Sophia O'Neill and Samantha Jackson for making the finals for their age group and improving their positions. Sophia finished 5th and Samantha won the bronze. Great efforts and massive one for Sam Ryan finishing 3rd and Callum Baronti 4th in the last event of the day boys 200 butterfly. On Sunday the Kents started with the boys 100m Breaststroke. Callum made the final and came 7th with a good swim. We also had pbs from Thomas Barrett and Louis Taylor, just off his pb but with a good swim was Billy Birchmore. In the girls 200m Back we had a 4th from Sophia O'Neill with a Long Course pb and a 7th from Ava Hickey. Charlotte Field also swam a PB, Hannah Strover swam a LC PB and Jess Herbert was just outside hers. For the final session of the third weekend our girls raced the 100 Backstroke. We had 2 finalists Sophia Oneill in the 13yrs coming 3rd with a awesome swim and a Pb and Hannah Strover in the 14yrs coming 8th with a pb in the heat. We also had some great pbs and swims from Samantha Jackson, Ava Hickey, Blythe Jolley-Ellis, Shabs Leeves and we had a good effort from Ellie Harden feeling under the weather but giving it her best. In the boys 200m Breaststroke Louis Taylor came 6th with a big Pb. Well to all our swimmers on another fantastic weekend of top quality racing.

Kents 2019 Weekend number Two

Tue 29/Jan/2019

The second weekend of Kents 2019 moved to Crystal Palace for the longer distance events. Once again our swimmers produced some fantastic swims resulting in many personal best times and finals. Sophia O'Neill started us off with a massive 18 second PB in the 400m IM placing her 7th. Max Peel and Justin Strover followed in the 400m Freestyle, both with PBs and finishing 8th and 7th respectively. In the youngest age group for the girls event Charlotte Field finished 8th with a 10 second PB and Eva Hickey who finished 12th with a converted PB. Samantha Jackson followed suit finsihing 4th with a massive PB and Jess Herbert finished 9th and Matilda Barrett came back from injury with a PB and finsihed 13th. Sunday started with the girls 200IM and Samantha Jackson swam another 6 second PB winning a Bronze Medal. Charlotte Field and Alice Lang also swam strong just off their pb's. For the boys Thomas Barrett just missed 8th place despite a 3 second PB and Ben Langdown finished just off his converted time. Billy Birchmore pulled out a 50m fly PB to start the 200IM and kept going to finish just off PB. What Billy did also was finish in 8th position in regular classification which is quite an achievement. Justin Strover was our sole swimmer in the last session which was 1500m for the girls and 800m for the boys. A long tough race Justin started with a 1:03 for his first hundred and swam his last on 1:10 to finish in 4th. Congratulations to all our swimmers for another great weekend of racing.

Two Kent Champions in the first Weekend

Tue 22/Jan/2019

The weekend of 19th and 20th of January was the start of the Kents 2019. Our team headed to the London Aquatic Centre to race in arguably the best pool in the country. With their named hats arriving just in time thanks to Julie Strover, our swimmers showed that all the hard training in their respective squads each week pays off. Sam Ryan powered down the 50m pool in both the Freestyle and the Butterfly to claim the title of Kent Champion in both events. Billy Birchmore was also leading the way and he to took the title of Kent Champion in the 50m Freestyle. Max Peel and Clio Bacon won Silver medals and we had five other finalist swimmers. Justin Strover and Alice Leng finished 4th in their events, Samantha Jackson got a two 5th places, Callum Baronti got two 6th places and Ellie Harden got an 8th. Our swimmers produced excellent swims and lots of PBs. This is an incredibly high standard championship and just achieving qualification is something to be extremely proud of. Well done everyone.

Swim South East LC Masters 2019

Tue 22/Jan/2019

Congratulations to Kayleigh Knocker and Gina Charleton who competed in the Swim South East LC Masters 2019 at the weekend. Both girls competed in the 50m, 100m Freestyle, Gina in the 200m Freestyle and Kayleigh in the 50m Backstroke Gina swam a PB in the 50 Freestyle and won Silver in the 400m Freestyle.

A Dozen Gold Medals at KWSS Open

Mon 14/Jan/2019

Along with the Cantebury Icebreaker we also had swimmers at the KWSS Open where 28 of our swimmers competed for their last chance to gain their Kent Championship times. The swimmers who took part include Christy Barker, Thomas Barret, Charlotte Bloodworth, Lauren Bond, Alice Brown, Ellie Brown, Alexandra Cioran, Olivia Cioran, Lilli Cutajar, Charlotte Field, Pranav Garg, Katie Gough, Lauran Gough, Ellie Harden, Jessica Herbert, Ava Hickey, Blythe Jolly-Ellis, Agata Kuszneruk, Amie Lawrence, Alice Leng, Nam Nguyen, Samuel Ryan, Hugo Tonks, Neve Tooby, Grace Tune, Alethea West, Zoe White and Milly Whitehead, At the end of the weekend our team had 61 medals in the top 6 positions including 12 Golds, 14 Silver and 10 Bronze; lots of PB's and many with those all important Kent Times. Congratulations to you all.

Canterbury Icebreaker

Tue 08/Jan/2019

As always the year starts off with the popular Canterbury Icebreak meet and our team were in good spirits aiming for those Kent Times and Personal Bests. The swimmers we had participating over the weekend were the Girls Club Captain Rachel Langdown, Boys Vice Captain Max Peel, Abigail Leeves (Shabs), Eve Peel, Sophia O'Neill, Ben Langdown, Samantha Jackson, Amelia Frisby, Niccolo Cavasino and Annabelle Robinson. Overall we had a total of 13 medals and 12 Personal Bests. Gold Medals went to Sophia O'Neill in the 200 Backstroke and Samantha Jackson in the 50 Backstroke. Silver Medals went to Rachel Langdown in the 200 IM and 50 Backstroke and her brother Ben in the 100 Free, 200 IM and 50 Free, Amelia Frisby 200 Breaststroke, Sophia O'Neill in the 100 Breaststroke, Samantha Jackson in the 400 IM and 100 Backstroke. Bronze Medal to Samantha Jackson in the 100 Butterfly and Sophia O'Neill in the 200 Free. Personal Bests came from Max Peel in the 50,100 and 200 Free, Ben Langdown in the 200 IM, 50 and 100 Free, Rachel Langdown in the 200 IM and 50 Backstroke, Abigail Leeves in the 50 Free, Samantha Jackson in the 50 Backstroke and Amelia Frisby and Sophia O'Neill in the 100 Breaststroke. A wonderful start to 2019 both in the pool, on poolside and in the spectator gallery. We received some very nice feedback on our entire team and as always our thanks goes to everyone representing our club in every capacity.

Sainsbury's Bag Pack

Sun 23/Dec/2018

On Saturday a number of our swimmer who are signed up for the 2019 Autumn Traning Camp were in Sainsbury's packing busy customer bags to help raise funds for the trip. As always our team represented themselves, their families and our Club magnificently. Sainsbury’s staff and their customers were continuously commenting about how polite and hard working they all were. We gave out over fifty flyers to parents interested in their children and grandchildren joining our club over the next year and we look forward to seeing them at our free trials. Our swimmers aim was to raise about £150 - £200 but Sainsbury's customers donated £624.32 in return for all the help they got getting through the checkout quickly and smoothly on such a busy day. Well done to the Training Camp 2019 Swimmers! As always, a great effort and a great result.

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Arena League (Round 3)

Tue 11/Dec/2018

The final round of the Arena League saw our team make the journey to Mote Park in Maidstone. We had already improved on last year's result just by competing in the second gala but we still had much to prove. Our swimmers, which included some underage ones, have impressed many with their swims, team spirit and organisation were once again in high spirits. Throughout the evening our swimmers with juggling between finishing mostly in 2nd and 5th place which lead to Orpington Ojays team finishing joint fourth with Sevenoaks on points but we were awarded the 4th position based on number of first places finishes. This great effort gave our swimmers a well-deserved 10th place overall at the end of the league which is an impressive four places improvement over last year. Congratulations to everyone for the great results and thanks to swimmers, parents, officials and coaches for the great support shown throughout this gala season.

Kent Junior League Champions

Tue 20/Nov/2018

On Saturday 17th November we went to Tunbridge Wells to compete in the final round of the Kent Junior League. After an excellent night of racing, cheering and determination we won the gala on the night. With excellent performances in the earlier rounds, this meant our swimmers collected a nice shiny trophy and they have the honour of being League Champions! We last won this league in 2007 and 1998 so it had been a long time coming and was celebrated with swimmers and coach alike launching themselves into the pool. A great night and a great season in the league. Well done all and thanks to all the helpers, officials, captains and coaches.

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