Our Committee

Our committee is made up entirely of volunteer parents who give up their scarce free time to help run our club for the benefit of us all.

If you need to contact any of them please remember that we are not a faceless company and that the club is able to exist and function due to the good will of the mums and dads of the swimmers in the pool.


My life as a ‘swim dad’ began in 2016 when my son Sam joined Ojays. He has progressed through the squads and now swims with top squad and as his commitment has grown, so has mine! When Sam started swimming, I became increasingly involved with the club, helping out where I could. I first joined the committee as an ordinary member and then took on the additional responsibility of open secretary. As I gained more experience as a swim parent, my involvement grew and when the position of club chair became available I decided the time was right to apply. I’m really pleased to be the new chair. We have an amazing committee and I am looking forward to the future of OOJSC.

David Ryan

Club Secretary

As Club Secretary I am responsible for arranging monthly Committee meetings and writing minutes for approval by the Chair, arranging the annual AGM and election of Club officers. There are a number of additional administrative roles which I also cover, such as, arranging the licensing required for Club Championship and our Open, gatekeeper of the Club Constitution and insurance certificates, involved in any club contractual matters and liaison with the Club Coaches. I became a swimming Mum when my daughter joined Orpington Ojays in 2013. She has progressed through the squads, competing at opens and representing the club at team events and has now moved into Top Squad. When the ASA introduced a license for club championships, the club needed qualified officials and so began my second career as an Official. I am a qualified J1 and nearing the end of my J2 training. I coordinate the recruitment and training of new officials so as to ensure the succession of the club at all competition levels which is crucial to the clubs that continued development. It is a requirement of the ASA and the Promoters of Open, Kent, Regional and Arena Event that we are able to send a minimum of two officials per session per competition, without this we would be unable to enter any swimmers in these events. Be aware, I am relentless and will continue to seek out new trainees for the benefit of our club and our swimmers. I am also involved in organising and running (when it is our turn to host) the Kent Junior and Tudor Leagues, so if your swimmer is regularly asked to represent the club we will find a role for you and welcome you into the family. We really are a wonderful team of swimming parents who pull together for the sake of our children and their swimming careers. You all qualify and belong to this elite group. I have just organised the 2019 Spain winter training camp for 31 swimmers, 3 coaches and 2 chaperones; pictures and videos are available to view on the Ojays Twitter, please have a look, it could be your swimmer on the 2021 camp! Winter Training Camp is an intensive week of daily double training session in a 50m pool combined with land training sessions as well. Relentless, usually abroad and outdoor as well as land training sessions. Suntanned and exhausted both swimmers and adults upon their return! If you want to know more about my role or would like to consider becoming an Official, I can be found on poolside whenever Top Squad train, at all club championships, most open meets and at some team events.

Myra Brown

Membership Secretary

As Membership Secretary I'm responsible for maintaining the club members records including ASA membership, communicating club information to members and ensuring payments are up to date. I liaise with parents and swimmers regarding club matters such as trials and squad moves, and I am the first point of contact for enquiries to the club. If there's anything I can't answer then rest assured I'll be engaging the right people in the background. I've been a member of the Masters Squad since 2009 but don't currently have any children in the club as they're too young - perhaps some future Ojays swimmers! Whilst most of you probably won't see me around I try to be fairly responsive to emails so any queries or notifications are dealt with in a timely manner.

Andrea Richardson

Ordinary Member

Sophie Field

Ordinary Member

Lindsay Farthing

Ordinary Member / Team Unify

As somebody who almost drowned after falling into a pool as a child, I have always put swimming at the forefront of our family’s priorities. I took each of my children to parent-baby swimming from the age of 10 weeks old and we haven’t looked back since. I’ve been involved with Ojays since my eldest daughter initially joined tadpoles in 2012. Having then taken up what often feels like permanent residency at the pool side with all 3 of my children now swimming in different squads, I was already actively involved in many of the volunteering roles, progressing on to becoming a J1 official and a certified T1 team manager for the club. As an IT Director in the media industry I have applied some of those skills to help with our data provision needs used for swimmer analysis and squad selection and I am also responsible for our club management software Team Unify which will shortly be rolling out to all our members. As a dad who has children swimming at different levels within the club always feel welcome to approach me for chat and I’ll be happy to help or point you in the right direction.

Mark Bond


Rachel Somerville-Cotton

Trophies & Awards / Coach Liaison / Ordinary Membe

I purchase and sort out medals for galas throughout the year. The busiest time is around Club Champs and Presentation evening. Collecting the trophies in, getting the coaches to decide who will be awarded them for the following year, then getting everything engraved and polished for the swimmers. I’m also a Team manager for our league galas and often seen marshalling the swimmers at other events. I was a member of Orpington Swimming Club many years ago and swam until the age of 16. Now a social swimmer with masters on a Monday night. My 3 children, who all started as youngsters at the club, have worked their way through the squads and are now in top squad.

Julie Strover

Welfare Officer

My name is Wendy, but most of you probably know me as Max and Eve Peels mum. I am a T.A. at St Mary Cray Primary School.I have worked with children for 24 years and have a wealth of experience working with safeguarding concerns. I have been a member of Orpington Ojays since my son, Max, joined bronze squad in 2011. I am here for any of you if you feel you have concerns relating to one of the children or adults belonging to the club. I am contactable via the club’s welfare email address and I will endeavour to reply to you before the end of the day. If you see me and have any issues to raise, please come and talk to me.

Wendy Peel